Monday, March 28, 2011


Welcome to my little blog in a big sea of blogs. I want a place to share..share the trials and joys of raising four small kids away from all our family and the cities we love. We are an adventurous family and i thought it would be neat to share the very cool things we do, the places we go, the stuff we love, the life we live. Sometimes I find the best baby food spoon or dry shampoo (for those days when showering is not an option) the movies we see recipes we try (no easy task to feed four kids with very different taste buds and try to lose weight as the same time) and how my family experienced it and I just want to share. I have a personal blog with all our pictures but wanted something a little different.
We love south of Houston, TX in a town called Pearland. its a "small" town that we moved to 10 years ago. there are some really cool things going on around here and I'd love to show them all to you.
My husband of 11 years and I have 4 kids. mr. R is 7, Miss L is 5, little D is 3 and big M is 1. so we are into sports, MDO, school, legos, movies, games, barbies, music, eating out, crafts, scrapbooking, photography, computers, food, clothes, shoes, toys, vacations, adventures... I could go on and on. So this will be my little corner to share them all with you.
Enjoy the ride!

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